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For the 2022 edition, we have planned a program you won’t want to miss! Various internationally renowned talents will be gathered to share their knowledge and experience on some of the biggest film and TV productions of the last few years.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for you:

  • Cracké – Family Fun – How to create an animation signature that stands outSqueeze
  • Animating in a Galaxy Near YouHybride Technologies
  • Creative Management of a Virtual Pipeline based on Vcam & Unreal EngineReel FX
  • Dancing with AnimatorsCinesite
  • Breaking open Spider-Man’s Mirror DimensionFramestore
  • Live Action elements in VFXRodeo FX
  • And much more!

Reserve your ticket now to take advantage of our Early Bird discount which ends May 29th. Hurry, as tickets are available in limited quantities!

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