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Cracké – Family Fun

How to create an animation signature that stands out

Company: Squeeze Animation Studio

Quality and uniqueness of animation has been at the heart of Squeeze’s DNA since its inception. With Cracké – La famille s’éclate, which is about to be launched worldwide, the challenge was big: to establish a signature animation that stands out by its style, quality, and efficiency, while dealing with the production constraints of a TV series.



Animating in a Galaxy Near You

Company: Hybride Technologies

Creating Droids, Robots and Creatures for the Star Wars Universe.



Creative Management of a Virtual Pipeline

based on Vcam & Unreal Engine

Company: Reel FX

New tools come with new challenges. In this presentation, we will cover:

  • • The techniques used to implement and overcome these challenges
  • • The strengths of the virtual pipeline versus the more classic CG producing approach
  • • The limitations of this new approach to producing content
  • • What is next for Reel FX, and how far we can see into the future.



Dancing with Animators

Company: Cinesite

Embark with Cinesite on Riverdance’s unique journey from Grammy-winning stage show to Netflix top 10 movie. From working with the composer, using mo-cap for references and animating deer as dancers, explore the uncommon steps that made Cinesite Montreal’s first IP so original.




Breaking open Spider-Man’s Mirror Dimension

Company: Framestore

Oscar and Emmy-winning creative studio Framestore will unlock the secrets of the standout ‘Mirror Dimension’ sequence from the box office-smashing Spider-Man: No Way Home.



Live Action elements in VFX

Company: Rodeo FX

Blood, smoke, dust, fire, water, explosions, all IRL—find out how practical effects artists accomplish seamless visuals that integrate into the plates of your favourite TV series and films. Our in-house Live Action team takes you behind the scenes from R&D to look dev to practical integration of shots plus hear some great anecdotes of challenges they had to overcome to make the perfect shots.


The VFX behind the earth-shattering satire “Don’t Look Up”

Company: Scanline VFX

Visual Effects Supervisor Dann Tarmy from ScanlineVFX will discuss what it was like working on Adam McKay’s star-studded film Don’t Look Up. This presentation will explore the challenges of balancing the filmmaker’s desire to get as much of the science right as possible, while still telling the story he had in his heart… all in the midst of the global pandemic.



Stonetown, designing a city as a character

Company: Folks VFX

The conference will focus on the creative journey of designing Stonetown, a town with character and a singular aesthetic, which could be considered a protagonist in the narrative of The Mysterious Benedict Society season 1. The first section will focus on the analysis of the script, the budget development, the shooting and the concepts. The second section will focus on design challenges, the artistic vision and the iterative creative process.
The last part will focus on technical constraints, procedural systems and optimization.



Behind the VFX of Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Company: MPC

Academy-award-winning studio MPC was entrusted with bringing the character of Dr. Egon Spengler, who had been played by the late Harold Ramis back to the big screens for Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

In Behind the VFX of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Animation Supervisor Christophe Paradis will explain how the team collaborated with the filmmakers to craft a photorealistic digital Egon, as well as animating a horde of mischievous mini Stay-Puft marshmallows.



El Encanto de Colombia: Cultural Collaboration & the Making of Disney Animation’s Encanto

Company: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Join Producer Yvett Merino and Senior Manager of D&I Content Strategies Kaliko Hurley as they share the experience of creating the Academy Award-winning film by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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