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In addition to the regular program, CAFÉ will feature even more content on its Partner Stage! Come learn from experts from the industry’s most influential companies. Our partner’s conferences and panels will cover a variety of topics that are sure to appeal to everyone. Located in the Living Spaces, the Partner Stage is accessible to all ticket holders. 


Here is a preview of the presentations that await you: 

  • The visual effects work done by Raynault VFX on the television series The Old Man, and the process of transforming plates shot in the California mountains into a breathtaking mountainous landscape in Afghanistan. 
  • Join Hybride executives as they discuss the company’s culture, and how the studio constantly reinvents its internal structure to answer an increasing demand, all the while maintaining a precious work-life balance. 
  • A.A.Studios will present you the techniques that were used to reproduce the appalling train disaster that occurred in Lac Mégantic in July 2013. 
  • Hear from Éric M’Boua, co-founder of AfroVFX, and Josée Chapdelaine, Head of CFX at Rodeo FX, as she shares her experience participating in AfroVFX’s ANIMAZONES tour in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and her earlier mentorship with a special student.
  • Tonic DNA will give two conferences. During their first presentation, the partners at Tonic DNA will talk about how the nature of our work evolves in an ever-changing industry. During their second presentation, the studio will illustrate the difference between them, working in a smaller studio, and larger studios to showcase the benefits and challenges.
  • As part of the capstone project at the NAD School, their presentation will explain their implementation of a production pipeline that uses 100% Universal Scene Description to make a 3D animation project that brought together 22 students in different specialties.
  • Join Sedelle Wagner (Global Head of Operations) and Corey Smith (SVP – Creative Operations, Animation & VFX, North America) for an introduction to ReDefine, DNEG’s rapidly growing sister company.


Discover the full program here


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